Paper Temple Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Wix Market Apps

Our Wix market apps do not gather any personal data. We don't share any personal data either. Any data stored by an app is provided by you, the user, solely for the functionalities and settings of the app. We don't store any personally identifiable data, and the stored data isn't used or shared outside the app's purposes.

Third-Party Services

We utilize third-party companies to enhance our service and perform related tasks. These include:

  • Zendesk (Tech Support System): When you submit a support ticket, your email address is saved for communication purposes. This is crucial for receiving replies from our team.
  • MadMimi (Newsletter): Your email address is collected only if you voluntarily sign up for our newsletter. It's used exclusively to deliver newsletter messages. Signing up is entirely optional, and you must opt-in before receiving any emails.
All information collected by these services is provided by you, and we ensure that your privacy is respected. If you wish to access the information we have or request deletion of any data, please reach out to our Support team. We'll handle your request promptly and efficiently.